One on one period of instruction with one of our trainers. Trainer will instruct you on proper training techniques which you will apply to your pup during the 45 minute private lesson. Commands include but are not limited to sit, down, stay, heel, place, easy, and leave it. You will end your one on one session with homework for you to complete with your pup until the next appointment.
Leave the rigorous and time consuming dog training to the professionals at North County Canine Training. Choose from a variety of packages that offer everything from basic on leash obedience all the way up to advanced off leash obedience. We also offer packages for specialized training such as scent detection or protection work. We specialize in finding what motivates your pup and get right to work. Once the pup graduates training we make sure you are comfortable with the commands and understand the responsibilities of applying corrections and most importantly reinforcing those good/desired behaviors. 
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